Week 3 – Lessons from Job Cont’d

Day 1: After “If” comes “Then”

We finished up last week looking at a list of “Ifs”: things that Job had either done or not done toward the fatherless (See Job 31: 16-21). Today we see the “then” that follows. You might be surprised at how seriously he took his responsibility toward the fatherless.

Job 31:22 says, “THEN let mine arm fall from my shoulder blade, and mine arm be broken from the bone.”

Job was serious about his commitment to the fatherless, the widow, the poor and the needy. He was very serious. The measurable effect of any endeavor that we undertake is generally proportionate to the seriousness, passion, dedication and effort with which we approach it. Has your dedication to reaching the fatherless, or anyone else for that matter, ever reached this point:

“If I have/haven’t done these things ‘Then let mine arm fall from my shoulder blade, and mine arm be broken from the bone’.”

Ouch – double ouch! Ouch at the very thought, and ouch at the thought that most of us do not have even half this dedication to any area of ministry.

How serious are you about reaching those to whom God has called you? Are you this serious? We lightly say that we will lay down our lives for the Gospel, but do we really mean it? How serious are we about fulfilling the commands of God toward the fatherless and their counterpart groups? How far are you willing to go to reach the children in your community?

How far did Christ go?

What better day than today for us to prayerfully consider what we have been doing, what we should be doing and what God would have each of us to do in the future!

Up Next: Day 2: Job’s Reasoning (Part 1)

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