2018 is off and running! It seems time moves faster every day. This year, things got off to an unexpected start at FTN. While it certainly wasn’t without its stresses, it has been a joy to see God show Himself Strong.
God Shows Himself Strong Verse
Image Source: pablo.buffer.com
In January, we received word that StateFund would be conducting a standard, end-of-the-first-year audit. The following week, we received an invoice requiring additional premium payments, which would more than double our total annual premium. The required amount would wipe out our general fund. In addition to this, we discovered that we had been given incorrect information regarding classifications when the account was set up. As a result, they were going to lump everything under the classification with the highest premium rate.
We began praying and making phone calls. We spent much of January gathering the information required for the audit, speaking with people at StateFund about the additional premium, and waiting for answers. The situation felt almost paralyzing. If the premium was allowed to stand, we would have nothing left on which to operate! We were already facing another, unrelated decision, which required a step of faith regarding finances. At times, it seemed like the audit and premium change could put us under financially.
By February 2, we hadn’t received any new word on whether we still owed the additional premium, which was due the following week. We also hadn’t heard anything about the audit. I called StateFund, and we learned that the audit had just finalized the previous day. The account had been set up incorrectly from the beginning! The data we submitted during the audit was sufficient to help them reclassify the account. The issue has been resolved and the additional premium was removed from the account! They have corrected the classification errors!
God is good! It is amazing to watch His hand at work. We don’t always understand why certain things happen, or why we face the stresses and obstacles that seem to hinder the work. But even in these things, God is seeking to show Himself strong on our behalf and to prove Himself to any who are watching!
Are you watching? What has God done in your life and ministry to show Himself strong? We would love to hear about it so that we can rejoice with you!
We ask your continued prayer as we look toward this new year and all that the Lord has in store for FTN. Some new doors of opportunity may be opening for ministry with the fatherless. We look forward to sharing them as the Lord shows more of His plan in these areas.

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