I can’t believe I’ve been home for nearly two weeks and still haven’t had a chance to send out an update on how the October trip went. In short: It was wonderful.

I started out speaking at a Ladies’ Conference in Layton, Utah. What a blessing! We had a wonderful time fellowshipping around God’s Word and being reminded of God’s amazing love and redemption for us. These ladies also gathered a huge pile of supplies to donate to this year’s Green Bean Project.

2016-10-07 20.14.18.jpg

From there I went down to Fruitland, Utah where I was able to spend a couple of days catching up with friends and speaking at a ladies’ luncheon. It was a blessing to share about the importance of ministry to the fatherless and how that is one of the forms of worship, which God desires most from us.


I made a little side trip on my way from Fruitland to Cheyenne through the Medicine Bow National Forrest and over to Fort Fred Steele, WY—remind me never to do this again in a fully loaded (possibly overloaded) vehicle. I am very grateful for God’s protection as I drove. The drive was BEAUTIFUL!

2016-10-15 14.17.29.jpg


My next stop was in Cheyenne, WY. We had been trying to set this up for several years and finally it all came together. Throughout the day, the Lord’s working was evident, and I was not completely surprised when they emailed later in the month asking me to return to help start the process of beginning a ministry to the fatherless through their church! What a blessing and answer to prayer! This has been a desire for a long time: to see the work of FTN spread to other churches and communities.


From Cheyenne my journeys took me across Nebraska and Missouri to St. Louis. It was a joy to be back at Grace Baptist Church in St. Louis, which has been a church home-away-from-home for many years. It was good to catch up and visit with many people who have a very special place in my heart.


The main purpose of the trip to St. Louis was to visit with several pastors as they pray about how to help a struggling church in the area. One of the topics they were discussing was fatherlessness. Please pray for St. Louis. Nearly 57% of the children there are growing up in fatherless homes. This has an enormous impact not only on the community itself but also on the way a church reaches into the community.


While in the area I was also able to travel out a short distance and visit with a couple of other churches in IL and MO. Each church was an enormous blessing in their own way. It was a joy to be in such sweet-spirited churches where their love for one another was so clearly evident.

2016-10-22 08.13.47.jpg


After leaving St. Louis, I traveled back to Cheyenne for a meeting with a second church as well as a meeting with the first church to discuss starting a fatherless ministry. Both meetings were a huge blessing and encouragement. It was good to see how God is working in the city of Cheyenne. I look forward to being back in the area and watching how He continues to do great and mighty things.


I headed back to Billings from Cheyenne on November 1st and made it safely home about 6:30 that evening. Believe it or not, I’m still unpacking! It’s been a bit of a wild ride since returning home. But that’s a story for another letter.


I have so many things for which to praise the Lord as I look back on this trip: For new friendships, for God’s provision along the way, for God’s working in the hearts of those who heard His Word at the ladies’ meetings (including my own), for new ministry partners (I went out with only 7% support and we are now nearing 9%!!!), for safety on the roads, for safety in the campgrounds and motels, and for His grace and faithfulness at every turn. AND for each of you were who were praying. I very often felt those prayers, and I am so grateful.


Prayer Needs

Since I have been home God has continued to work (because He never actually stops!). Please continue to pray for me and for the ministry of Forbid Them Not. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide and raise up partners who would stand with us in both prayer and financial support. Pray for those we are working with. We so often encounter single moms who are in such precarious situations. Pray that in each of these the Lord would give us His wisdom to point them to Himself and to meet the needs they are facing in a wise and truly helpful manner.


I travelled over 4,000 miles in the month of October. We would still love to see each of those miles matched with a Green Bean Donation ($1.15). What a blessing it would be to the ministries and orphans we are helping through the project! To find out how you can be a part of that, please follow the link below. (We have currently matched about 190 of the miles!)


I am excited about the work the Lord has begun through this trip and even more excited to watch Him unfold His plan for the days ahead! Truly we serve an amazing God!

IMG_6751 - Version 2

Find out more here or go straight to the Green Bean Donation Page

This year, as part of our three month, Green Bean Project, we want to take some special time to get better acquainted with each of you and to give you a chance to become better acquainted with us. Since November is National Orphan Month, we thought it would be the perfect time to do this. We would like to set aside the entire month as “Get Acquainted Month.”

Maybe you have been following the Green Bean Project or Forbid Them Not for a long time, but aren’t really sure what it’s all about. Or maybe both the project and the ministry are new to you. In either case, I would love to set up a time to share more with you. Maybe the ministry of Forbid Them Not is already dear to your heart and you would like for us to share it with a church, a Sunday School class, prayer group, or simply a group of friends. I would love to work this out!

We can meet in several ways. We can set up a time to meet in person, schedule a phone call, hold a Facebook event, or schedule a Skype or Go-to-Meeting call.

During our meeting, I would love to spend some time catching up with you, your family, and your ministry as well as sharing more with you about the purpose of Forbid Them Not, our vision, and the needs of the ministry and those we are serving.

Please prayerfully consider taking advantage of this month that we’ve set aside just for you. I believe it is crucial to the future of the ministry. To set up a meeting, please email me at rmiller at forbidthemnot dot com. I look forward to becoming better acquainted with each of you, to answering your questions, and to the joy of partnering together in the years to come to reach the fatherless for Christ.

One more thing! Sunday, November 6th is National Orphan Sunday. While not everyone can participate in a special event for this day, I would strongly urge you to take a little time to seek out information on the plight of orphans and fatherless children in today’s world and what God has to say about it.

May the Lord richly bless you as you serve Him. I am looking forward to this month of getting better acquainted!



In the summer of 2013, I was sitting at church waiting for the arrival of my Sunday School students who, for some reason, were all late that morning. I had already done everything I needed to do to prepare my classroom, had prayed over the upcoming class, and had straightened things that didn’t really need straightening—and still my students hadn’t arrived. So, I started scrolling through social media on my phone and bumped into a single mom, whom we will call Marie. Marie’s post in a local Facebook group went something like this, “Does anyone know of an organization in town that helps single moms get their children to doctor’s appointments?”


I thought, “Wow! How easy is that? I can do that!” So I reached out to her.

Marie was a self-proclaimed pagan, and, at first, she doubted whether we would help her because so many churches had turned her away for that very reason. She was not open to hearing the gospel, but the next few months would provide a chance to live it out in front of her and her fatherless son. The three of us put in hundreds of miles all over the valley: Doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, job training, and more doctor’s appointments. Some days, we put in as many as 80 miles. We also talked—a lot. Through those conversations, I learned about her needs, her struggles, and the things that were important to her. I listened a lot, but I was also able to speak. She did not come to Christ during the months that I worked with her, but we developed a relationship that lasted even after she moved out of state.

Did you know more than 143,000,000 orphans live in the world today? Did you know that in America more than 41% of all children are growing up in fatherless homes? Did you know that fatherless children are at a greater risk for drug and alcohol abuse? Did you know that they are more likely both to be the victims of and to carry out acts of crime and violence? Did you know they are more likely to live in poverty? Did you know that children in fatherless homes are more likely to have mental health, behavioral, and emotional challenges and are 2 times more likely to commit suicide? In light of these things, I must always ask myself, “What if these were my children? Wouldn’t I want someone to reach out to them with the hope found in Jesus Christ!”

In Psalms, David said that God is the Father of the Fatherless and the judge of the widows—He takes up their cause. From the days of Job, to the giving of the law, to the years of the kings and the prophets, Scripture lays out God’s desire for His people to care for the fatherless and widow because, in doing so, we picture His loving plan of redemption. He called upon Israel to remember that they had been bondman in Egypt. God had scooped them up out of a field as a babe, abandoned and loathsome. He bathed them, clothed them, and then set His beauty upon them (Ezk. 16). He wanted them to do the same for the fatherless around them, not merely as a duty but as their worship of the God who had redeemed—ADOPTED—them. Ministry to the fatherless today gives us no less the chance to picture Christ and His love to these children and those caring for them.

One winter afternoon in late 2013, I was driving across town with a single mom and her friend. We were on our way to work in the Forbid Them Not clothing exchange, which is housed in my local church. As I drove, the two young women talked in the backseat—about Christians. They talked about false piety. They talked about hypocrisy. They talked about a holier-than-thou attitude that had been displayed to them over the years.

This, as you can imagine, was a bit awkward for the person sitting behind the steering wheel. Finally, I waved at them in the rear-view mirror and said, “Um, hello! I’m right here!”

Both women laughed. “We’re not talking about you. We know you’re a Christian. We’re talking about people who say they’re Christians, but don’t do anything to help.”

That kind of blew my mind. Even today, the world understands that a follower of Christ is one who helps the poor, the needy, the stranger, the sick, the fatherless, and the widow. They understand that a follower of Christ is one who gives of their own substance (Job 31) to help the helpless even as Christ gave His own life to redeem us when we were without strength and dead in our sins.

Christ set the example in His earthly ministry. In Matthew 18, Mark 9, and Luke 9, Jesus took a child and set him in the midst of those who were standing around. He said to them, “Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me.” In all of these passages, the word translated “receive” means (in part) “to take into one’s family to bring up and educate.” Jesus wasn’t just talking about being kind to a child. He was talking about ministering to them in the same manner Job ministered to the fatherless: as a father, with his own substance, and at his own table. Just as the picture of delivering Israel from Egypt was a picture of our redemption, Christ now used the picture of adoption to draw the same analogy. In fact, nearly every use of the word “adoption” in Scripture is referring to redemption.

Often our modern thought process defines religion as going to church, singing, listening to preaching, and saying amen at just the right moment. But when it came time for God to define religion, He gave it two very simple parts: “…To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” (James 1:27) Often our practice jumps straight to the second part because it is easier to see our righteousness when we can check off all the boxes on our list. But what happens when we skip the first part?

I knew a fatherless boy (we’ll call him Keagan). Keagan’s father had abused him for years and then outright rejected him to his face. For years, Keagan had struggled with behavioral issues and disorders. Now, at fifteen, he wanted to help his mom with repairs around the house, but no one had ever taught him how. This led him to frustration because he felt he was failing. His mom brought the issue to me and asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to mentor her son and teach him some handyman skills. My requests for help went unanswered. Meanwhile, the situation continued to escalate in the home and Keagan continued to struggle.

I followed up on my calls, in particular to a church closer to where the boy lived that had said they would look into it. But, I found that nothing had been done. Two weeks later, Keagan injured himself while trying to repair a small household appliance, became angry, and ran away. His mother reached her wits’ end and made a desperate but poor choice. Within a short time, she was in custody hearings with CPS.

Sometimes, the needs and requests that seem so very small are really so very important.

In the fall of 2014, I was standing in line in a food bank with another single mom who had called me about a week earlier. She was almost frantic when I answered the phone.

“Can someone please help me?” she’d said. “I’m a single mom, and I’m registered for a Thanksgiving food box at the food bank, but I don’t have a car. All the other churches are giving me the runaround.”

After a minute trying to calm her down and find out the situation, I told her I would love to take her to the food bank. So there we stood. The whole process took little more than 15 minutes.

As we were loading the boxes into my car, she said, “Thank you so much for doing this.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” I said. “That’s what we’re here for. We want to help—.”

“No. You don’t understand,” she interrupted. “I called churches all over town and yours is the only one that was willing to help a single mom.”

My jaw dropped.

When we neglect ministry to the fatherless, we often do not think there is any consequence because we sense no immediate change in our lives. We do not realize that we are feeling the effects as a culture. When denied the help we could offer them, the un-mended hearts, the hopeless, and the overwhelmed turn to whatever rescue seems closest to hand. Some turn to family, but many have no family. Some turn to the government to find the deliverance they once would have sought from God. Others turn to their own means: some struggling to do right, while others pursue crime, prostitution, and the numbness of drugs and alcohol. The heartache we once turned a blind eye to, we see later as a broken and bleeding society.

But the opposite is also true. When we choose to follow God’s commands in this area, lives will be transformed and in the process our world will see a reflection of God’s grace.

On a cold February night, I sat in a coffee shop with yet another single mom and a mutual friend. This mom and I had walked through a lot together over the previous months. That night, she was overwhelmed, feeling that she would never be good enough, never meet the standards and requirements that were daily upon her. She was ready to give up.

Over the next two hours, my friend and I shared with her how God is the God of the impossible. We shared stories both from our own lives and from the Bible of how God overcame impossible odds.

As the conversation came to a close, this mom looked at us thoughtfully and said, “You guys really know the Bible. You know how to apply it to your lives. I don’t know how to do that. Will you teach me?”

I am happy to report that she has faithfully attended a Bible study ever since. She has grown. Life has not been easy, but she has continued to learn to seek God.

Ministry to the fatherless is important because it is the heart of God, it is the practical way in which He wants us to worship and honor Him, and it allows for living examples of His redemptive plan. And yet, in light of all this, only 1% of all American churches have any kind of specific ministry among single parents and their children—41% of all our children. God’s heart cries out for them. Our hearts should reflect His heart. Sometimes we look at the world’s 143,000,000 orphans and we think, “How could I ever make a dent in that.” But over the years, I have learned that it doesn’t take a huge program to change the world. It takes a willingness to change a life, to find a simple solution to their vital needs. I believe that we can make a difference in the lives of these children: That we can reach that 41% and change the course of their lives from one of potential crime, hurt, and heartache to a life filled with the hope and joy found in Jesus. It may be daunting at times. It may even be messy. But it is the worship, which God desires from each of us. What He has called us to, He will do. Will you join me?

The Wheels are Turning…Literally.

The wheels on my little car have been turning, turning, turning the last few days. I started off from Billings, MT on October 5th and drove to the Salt Lake City area to speak at a Ladies’ Conference at Faith Baptist Church. Then it was on to Fruitland, UT to speak at a Ladies’ Luncheon about the why of ministry to the fatherless. Then, after a rather grueling day going through the Medicine Bow National Forest (my heavily loaded car just didn’t want to climb those mountains) and a bit of a sick day, it was on to Cheyenne, WY and a wonderful weekend with Fellowship Baptist Church. Today, I hit the road running with 475 miles in front of me and a 45-65 mph crosswind keeping me company most of the way.

God has been good and has blessed all along the way. What a joy to have people ask sincere questions about what the Bible says about the fatherless and how they can apply it to their lives! What a blessing to hear a pastor say, “We want to mirror what FTN is doing in our church!”

It is humbling. Please pray that the Lord will continue to go before us as a ministry—To provide so that we CAN come alongside of others as well as continue to grow the work in Billings. This truly is our greatest need.

IMG_6751 - Version 2
As I was finishing my campground dinner by flashlight this evening, I was thinking about the Green Bean Project. I was also thinking about all the miles I drove today and those I will drive tomorrow as I make my way to the St. Louis area. Then I thought of the two together. It has been a struggle for me to keep up with posting and emailing and blogging about the GBP so far this month because I haven’t had consistent internet access. But what if we could set a simple goal with which EVERYONE could help?

What if we set the goal of reaching 1 Green Bean Donation (just $1.15) for every mile that I put in on this trip?

It wouldn’t be that hard really. Not if we all work together to share both the needs and the links to the FTN page with others. By the time I reach St. Louis, I will have driven nearly 2200 miles. The return trip appears at the moment to be about 1400 miles. So, the total miles should be somewhere between 3600 and 4000 miles. That seems like a lot when you think of trying to do one Green Bean Donation per mile, but with God’s help and the ease of hitting the share button on Facebook and Twitter, I believe it could happen!

Will you help me? Here’s how easy it is to get started:

1. Pray about whether or not the Lord would have you to give (perhaps as an individual, a prayer group, a Sunday School class, a family, a Bible study group, a church, or in any other grouping).

2. When you’re ready, Go to http://www.forbidthemnot.com/greenbeanproject.htm and scroll down to the bottom of the page where the donation buttons are and make your donation.

3. Tell others you have participated and encourage them to get involved as well. (This year’s project will not only help provide for the needs in our local ministry to single moms in Billings, MT but will also help provide school supplies for an orphan ministry in Africa, furniture for a children’s home in Asia, and textbooks for another children’s home in Asia.) Here is a link to a meme on our Facebook page that will help you spread the word.
4. Keep spreading the word. As you pray for the project over the next few days and weeks, share it again.

We have seen God do amazing things through this project over the years, just imagine what could happen if ALL of us took these simple steps to share it with others—to be relevant in the lives of these children and to take the opportunity to show them God’s love.

I hope you’ll join us! I’m looking forward to seeing what God does (it will make those miles go by a little easier)!

It’s October! And that means it’s Green Beans Season!

In case you’re not familiar with it, the Green Bean Project (GBP) started several years ago after a trip to Walmart to buy a can of green beans? Strange right? Not really. It all has to do with the result of one woman “being moved with compassion” toward me. You can check out the story here.

Since then, God has used the GBP to assist missionaries in Africa and Asia with their ministry to orphans as well as assisting in specific areas of our local ministry in Billings, MT. Combined, this project touches of the lives of nearly 500 children each year! Over the last several years, God has used the to provide textbooks, school supplies, fabric, clothing, and small financial gifts to these ministries.
Each year the Green Bean Projects assists missionaries in Africa and Asia as well as our local minsitry in Billings, MT.  The GBP annually touches the lives of nearly 500 children.
This year, our goal is the same. We will continue to work with the ministries we have worked with in the past, specifically to help provide backpacks, school supplies, textbooks and a financial gift toward needed furniture for one of the children’s homes in Asia. We will also be including our local ministry among single moms and others caring for fatherless children. But this year will also be a little different.

God has brought about many changes in the ministry of Forbid Them Not this year. In fact, for the very first time our Green Bean Project video was made in our very own office! God has graciously supplied this space in December and it has been a tremendous blessing! We want to make this year’s Green Bean Season an opportunity to share more with you about where God has brought and where He is leading. We also want to give you ways to have a part in the ministry and to help us know how to better serve you through prayer and as your hands and feet in the work God has given us.

During this years GBP we will be introducing you to our new board members, sharing more about our local ministry and our future goals, introducing you to new ways to support the ministry (Like Amazon Smile), and setting aside time to talk with you individually our as a group.

I will be travelling much of October, but we would like to set November up as “Get Acquainted Month.” We would love to set up a time when we can get better acquainted with you and can share the background and future goals of the ministry whether locally over a cup of coffee, over the phone, or even via a Skype or Go-To–Meeting call. (Click here to set up a time.)

We also will have an exciting opportunity for kids to be involved in both FTN and the Green Bean project this year! (You can learn more on our FTN Facebook Page.)

I am very excited about what the next three months will hold! Make sure you don’t miss out! To keep up with the goings on, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or at Forbid Them Not’s Blog.

The Green Bean Project, isn’t really about beans. It isn’t about being relevant in a “got my cool clothes on” kind of way. It’s about getting down into the trenches with those who are in need. It’s about following the example that Jesus set when He left the splendor and comfort of Heaven to walk this earth in the form of a man. It’s about obedience, courage, compassion, commitment, WORSHIP, and doing the right thing.

So! Let’s get going! It’s time.

P.S. I apologize that, due to lack of internet access, this has been sitting in my computer for nearly week. The Green Bean Project is off to a good start, I’m looking forward to seeing what else God has in store!

Sometimes we have to make decisions that just don’t make sense…


Sometimes in ministry we have to make decisions that just don’t make sense to the world, to our friends, maybe not even to our families. In fact, we may just find ourselves, standing in front of the mirror one morning, shaking our heads and saying, “You really must be crazy! Are you really going to go through with this?”

I had one of those decision-making moments a few weeks ago. But first, I have to tell you about another moment.

Work was crazy that Friday. Multiple times, I’d had people on both phone lines with two or three customers at my desk, vendors in and out, and residents just passing through. For some reason (I don’t remember why), I was the only one in the office that day.

Suddenly there was a lull. It was quiet for about five minutes. Then my cellphone began to ring. It wasn’t my habit to take personal calls at work, but when I realized it was from one of my single moms, I answered.  I listened as she said, “Rachel, I think I have someone you can help.” She went into a very long explanation of a heartbreaking situation. I realized God was opening up an opportunity to walk with a mom in need from the very beginning—before the child was even born. Then someone came into the office, followed by the carpet cleaners, followed by both lines lighting up on the office phone—I had to end the call.

I promised to help in two areas: finding parenting classes (something we would like to do in the future) and chasing down some leads on housing. I squeezed in a visit to LaVie Pregnancy Center later that week and managed to make one call on housing, but there was no answer. Then my job took over again.

Day after day, I tried to get out of the office in time to follow up on other resources for this new mother, but to no avail. Day after day, I drug myself from my desk to my car at the end of the day, having not eaten since breakfast, never had a break, never stopped running—always exhausted. It got to the point that the only time I was making it to the FTN office or to other FTN related work was if there was an actual established appointment with another human being. I was overwhelmed, and keenly aware that I was failing at the work that was most important.

A week after the initial phone call, I received a Facebook message from a friend and FTN partner. “How did it go ministering to that mom this week?” she asked. I cried. Then I answered, “It didn’t.”

The decision had already been made, even before this moment. In fact, even before the initial phone call I had already been talking with my manager about an exit strategy. This incident just drove home the fact that I had made the right decision. God is good, and He has given us a second chance. A week ago, I met with the single mom who originally called me to see if we could help. We had a very good conversation about the situation. Now we wait to see what the needs truly are as things unfold.

But I still had to make that choice, the one others might not understand. I had to resign my job. Not only was the situation destroying opportunities to minister but it had also become very unhealthy. I am convinced that if I stayed even a month more, I would have been in serious trouble health-wise. I praise the Lord for giving me the job, for using the strange way it all unfolded to open the door to get FTN back on its feet after Dad passed away, and I praise Him for answering my prayer and showing me when it was time to walk away.

Now I ask that you pray with me for wisdom for the next step. God has begun to open doors unexpectedly (unexpected to me, not to Him). This week a friend has hosted an online event that has allowed us to share about FTN with several people who are new to the work. In October, Lord willing, I will be in three churches to share about the ministry and to speak to ladies’ groups. Later in the month, I will be attending a meeting in St. Louis where, Lord willing, we will talk about the need for ministry to the fatherless. These are exciting events. I see God’s hand in them, and am excited to see what else He has in store!

Please pray that the Lord will continue to guide and provide. FTN is currently only at 7% of the funding that we estimate we need to be fully functional. This means that neither Mrs. Trout nor I currently receive any personal support through the ministry. I want to give as much energy and time to the ministry as possible. We are trusting that God will provide and give wisdom as we go into this new chapter! I am excited to see what He will do!

If you would be interested in hearing more, in setting up a time for us to share about the ministry, or in partnering with FTN, please feel free to contact me.

“Thank you, thank you,” read one of several excited texts, which I received after a single mom found out she was coming home to a new window air conditioner.
The single mom, we’ll call her Karen, is one of the women whom we helped move earlier this year. Since her move, she has run into multiple problems in her new home, including the discovery that her new landlord had not changed the locks. This discovery was made when a strange man walked into their home at 10 o’clock one night. Not only this and not only did the house have no air conditioning but it was also infested with spiders, had a gas leak and a bad water heater.
About a week and a half ago, Karen texted me at the point of tears. I wanted to do something to help, but wasn’t sure how or where to start. I asked our partners on Facebook to pray with me that we would know how God wanted us to get involved. We were able to get information to help Karen in dealing with her landlord, but there were still other needs. God answered our prayer with an unexpected gift and a great price on a window AC unit.
So, when Karen texted me saying “you’re so amazing”, I was able to respond, “You’re welcome, but it wasn’t me. It was God. We didn’t have the means to do anything, but we prayed and God provided.”
I didn’t get a response right away, but the next text I recieved was priceless. It wasn’t from Karen. It was from her teenage daughter, who said, “I just wanted to thank you and your business [FTN] for looking out for us. I appreciate everything that you are doing for us. Love from all my heart
Please pray that the Lord will continue to open doors to work with this fatherless family and to share His love and the salvation that is in Jesus Christ.
Other News From May and June
•It’s official! After 8 months of paperwork, we finally have been approved as a 501c3. I was at work when I got the email from our accountant. I literally gasped, jumped out of my desk chair, and yelled out my manager’s name. I think she nearly jumped out of her skin. We are all so grateful to everyone who has prayed throughout this process and to the Lord for bringing this about.
• Mother’s Day –The Lord allowed us to give each of the moms in our care a very nice potted flower and a gift card for Mother’s Day. The gift was a blessing to each of them and held the door open for further ministry.
• A New Addition –We are so grateful for the way God has provided to bring Marta Trout into the ministry. I know that the path to this point has not been an easy one for her and that we have her at great personal sacrifice. We are so blessed and undeserving and so grateful.
• Our Bible Study continues each Tuesday. Please pray for wisdom as we deal with some very difficult topics.
• We were able to share with a group of 23 people all from the Billings area about the ministry of Forbid Them Not. Many of them took brochures because they knew people who would either benefit from the ministry or who would be able to send people in our direction. Please pray that God would continue to use this event to grow the ministry as He sees fit.
How can we pray for you?