It’s October! And that means it’s Green Beans Season!

In case you’re not familiar with it, the Green Bean Project (GBP) started several years ago after a trip to Walmart to buy a can of green beans? Strange right? Not really. It all has to do with the result of one woman “being moved with compassion” toward me. You can check out the story here.

Since then, God has used the GBP to assist missionaries in Africa and Asia with their ministry to orphans as well as assisting in specific areas of our local ministry in Billings, MT. Combined, this project touches of the lives of nearly 500 children each year! Over the last several years, God has used the to provide textbooks, school supplies, fabric, clothing, and small financial gifts to these ministries.
Each year the Green Bean Projects assists missionaries in Africa and Asia as well as our local minsitry in Billings, MT.  The GBP annually touches the lives of nearly 500 children.
This year, our goal is the same. We will continue to work with the ministries we have worked with in the past, specifically to help provide backpacks, school supplies, textbooks and a financial gift toward needed furniture for one of the children’s homes in Asia. We will also be including our local ministry among single moms and others caring for fatherless children. But this year will also be a little different.

God has brought about many changes in the ministry of Forbid Them Not this year. In fact, for the very first time our Green Bean Project video was made in our very own office! God has graciously supplied this space in December and it has been a tremendous blessing! We want to make this year’s Green Bean Season an opportunity to share more with you about where God has brought and where He is leading. We also want to give you ways to have a part in the ministry and to help us know how to better serve you through prayer and as your hands and feet in the work God has given us.

During this years GBP we will be introducing you to our new board members, sharing more about our local ministry and our future goals, introducing you to new ways to support the ministry (Like Amazon Smile), and setting aside time to talk with you individually our as a group.

I will be travelling much of October, but we would like to set November up as “Get Acquainted Month.” We would love to set up a time when we can get better acquainted with you and can share the background and future goals of the ministry whether locally over a cup of coffee, over the phone, or even via a Skype or Go-To–Meeting call. (Click here to set up a time.)

We also will have an exciting opportunity for kids to be involved in both FTN and the Green Bean project this year! (You can learn more on our FTN Facebook Page.)

I am very excited about what the next three months will hold! Make sure you don’t miss out! To keep up with the goings on, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or at Forbid Them Not’s Blog.

The Green Bean Project, isn’t really about beans. It isn’t about being relevant in a “got my cool clothes on” kind of way. It’s about getting down into the trenches with those who are in need. It’s about following the example that Jesus set when He left the splendor and comfort of Heaven to walk this earth in the form of a man. It’s about obedience, courage, compassion, commitment, WORSHIP, and doing the right thing.

So! Let’s get going! It’s time.

P.S. I apologize that, due to lack of internet access, this has been sitting in my computer for nearly week. The Green Bean Project is off to a good start, I’m looking forward to seeing what else God has in store!


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