February raced by, and it seems we did one thing more than any other—shovel snow! We had 37” of the beautiful white stuff in those 28 days! It truly was beautiful, and cold with temps going as low as -22 in Billings. We were shoveling in -35 degree wind chills! So far, with the exception of the first couple of days, March has been much warmer. Please be in prayer for those along rivers. The sudden thaw is causing ice jams and flooding.


I wanted to share specifically this month about just a couple of things, starting with a report on the Green Bean Project. Some of you should have already received thank you notes by now. One thing has changed since I sent them out, so I wanted to give a full update here.

This year’s GBP came in at just a little under the min. $600 goal. But, little by little a few late gifts have trickled in. So, we’re within about $25 of that goal. Praise the Lord for His provision!

The last couple of years we have purchased A Beka textbooks for the children’s home in South Asia. This year they have asked us to purchase special classroom supplies from Oriental Express to use as teaching aids! This is the one part of the project that hasn’t been completed yet, but we’re working on it.

The missionaries working with the Orphanage in Central Asia were in the States at the end of the GBP. We sent their portion to them, so they could purchase items to carry back with them. Or, could apply it to needs when they returned to the field. This saved a great deal in shipping expenses and will allow the funds to go further.

The Kenyan portion was used to sponsor 10 orphans for one month! Which brings me to the next area that I wanted to share with you…

Since spring of 2013, we have been trying to pull together a sponsor program for the orphans now living at one of the three schools in Kenya. We are very close to having that program up and running. If you would like to get a sneak peek at our webpage, you can check it out here. Please, drop us a note if you are interested in finding out how you can become a prayer partner, supporter ($20/mo) and correspondent with one of these precious children.

Please be praying for the local ministry with single moms. Pray that I will have wisdom. The women I am working with need the Lord! It seems on an almost weekly basis one or another of them is making decisions, which have the potential to destroy their life and threaten the security of their children. I need wisdom in helping them to make the right decisions and learn to break old habits—but most of all they need Jesus.

Please, also be praying for clear, daily direction and wisdom to balance the needs of the FTN ministry, church ministry, and work. Thank you so much for your prayers! Without them and the strength God gives in answer, I would have given up long ago!


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