Where did 2013 go? You may have also begun to wonder where I went! The last three months have been incredibly busy. I am so sorry it has kept me from being able to give full update. So, here’s a quick rundown:

Travels and Meetings

• October – Our Annual Ladies’ Retreat went very well with ladies from four other towns in attendance. We had a great day of fellowship centered on God’s Word!

• November – I took a trip across the state to meet up with my good friends who are missionaries in a little known and very cold part of the world. Not only was it one of the most encouraging days of my entire year but it also provided a new way of communication with the ministry in Kenya.


After months of trying to send info back and forth without success, my friends pointed me to a simple, free, phone app that has made it possible! Since then we have been able to update the Sangs’ website and to get a start on the orphan sponsorship program. In addition to the responsibilities with the church and their three schools (about 400 children) the Sangs are now caring for twenty-two orphans. If you would be interested in becoming a prayer partner and/or sponsor for one of these children, please follow this link: forbidthemnot.webs.com/sponsorachild.htm

We’re also looking into setting up a laptop program for the children in the schools. This is new to me. If anyone is aware of a program or ministry that helps with this type of project, or if you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me. (In other words, “Help!” 🙂 )

The Green Bean Project

This year’s Green Bean Project has come to a close. I want to thank everyone who gave to the project. Your generosity is a great blessing! I have been very encouraged by one family in particular who went well out of their way to help with this project. Thank You! We came in about $90 short of our minimum goal, but I am grateful for what God has done. I look forward to sharing a full report in the next update!

Bible Institute Materials

I am excited to report I have completed the rewrite of the Old Testament portion of the materials! I also started working on the New Testament portion last week. We have moved the Bible Institute course back to the spring. We’re still working on setting up the exact dates.

Local Ministry

It has been my desire since early 2010 to start a ministry to the single moms in our area. This year the Lord has done it, seemingly out of nowhere. In my last email update, I mentioned a woman I had been working with since June or July. Through her, God has brought along another single mom who is trying desperately to put her life back together. Last week, I was contacted by a third woman who was referred to me by a local Christian organization. Please pray for all of these moms. Their situations are very difficult.

Working with these women has made our community’s needs incredibly obvious. We need a place of safety and stability, both for emergencies and where those who are serious about changing their lives can go, not just to get established, but most importantly to be introduced to Christ. I would ask that you pray with me about this. It would be an enormous undertaking; but if God is in it, He will accomplish it.

Looking Ahead

Last year, was a year of stretching and of remembering that even when things don’t go as we think they should God has a plan, usually a much better one. 2014 will be equally as challenging. Please, pray for this ministry. I see all the lives it touches and am amazed. I also know the struggles, the needs, and the massive amount of work involved. Please pray the Lord will give wisdom for each decision, provide for each need, and clearly guide each step.

What is God doing in your life and ministry? Are you seeking to reach the fatherless in your community? I’d love to hear about it!

Thank you for your prayer! May the Lord greatly bless you in 2014.

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