In just two weeks FTN will enter one of the most special seasons of the year – Green Bean Season. Yes, you read that right – Green Bean Season!


What started with a trip to the store to buy beans for a Thanksgiving casserole has grown into an amazing opportunity. Over the past two years, through just a small handful of everyday, ordinary people (who are actually pretty extraordinary in my book), we have been able to provide textbooks, school supplies, fabric, clothing, and financial gifts to a school working with orphans in Kenya and two children’s homes in South and Central Asia. This has touched the lives of more than 350 children and now has the potential to impact nearly 500.

This year, I would love to see the Green Bean Project grow. All of these ministries have huge needs. I believe God could use us to help meet those needs. But I need your help spreading the word and getting others involved. So, I’m opening up the floor, so to speak. I would love to hear your ideas for how to share the Green Bean Project with others.

Here are some of our existing ways of sharing this exciting opportunity:

• Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (Whatever you prefer.) – Feel free to share the FTN posts with others, but if you really want let people know you’re behind this, create a few posts of your own. Your personal involvement will show that it’s close to your heart, not just a button you’re pushing.

• YouTube Videos – Please feel free to share the original Green Bean Project video and any of the subsequent videos with friends, family, Sunday School classes, homeschool groups… however the Lord leads and gives opportunity.

 Original Video (GBP Story)

Relevant Results (How Your Involvement in FTN Projects Touched Impacted Lives in Kenya)

Fill The Boxes (Last Year’s Short Video)

Fun Extras (The Kids You’ll Be Helping)

A Favorite Moment (From Kenya VBS)

Kenyan Smiles

• Printable items – On the FTN webpage you will find two printable items. The first is an information card, which can be used as a bulletin insert or just something you can pass on to others to encourage them to get involved. The second is an 8.5×11 poster than can be used in on missions bulletin boards or any other place where you would like to display it in order to encourage involvement.

Some new ideas.

At this point, I only know of a couple of people who have actively used any of the above ideas to spread the word about the Green Bean Project. I would love to see that number multiply – by like a hundred! But I would also love some new, creative ideas (my creativity runs out after about week six). So I would love to hear YOUR suggestions!

One new idea suggested by a friend was an online “event” or “party” for various host/hostess type products. I think this is an excellent idea and hope to be giving you more info on how one such party will work in the days to come.

Some other ideas that have crossed my mind are:

• A video competition to create this year’s new GBP video.

• A meme competition to create Facebook memes with a “Green Bean Theme”.

• Our church has a Green Bean Jar (see pic at the end of this blog). This is a great way to allow people to contribute whenever they are able and also to do it anonymously. I would love to see what creative ways others can find to incorporate green beans into their jars!

• I have never pursued the idea of cause bracelets because of the initial cost, but is there something we could do to make a Green Bean related item that could be given as a thank you for donations and a reminder to pray?

These are just a couple of ideas bouncing around in my head. What about you? How would you like to help spread the word about the Green Bean Project? Please leave your ideas in the comment section below or email us at gbcmissions127(at)yahoo(dot)com.

I’m excited to hear your ideas!

Green bean Jar


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