I’ve never posted a photo for the weekly photo challenge before, I don’t think, but this week’s caught my eye. The theme “UP” is one that I have many, many photos for because I’m constantly taking pictures of the sky, the mountains and a host of other things that are over my head. But two specific pictures came to my mind almost instantly.

In 2008, I took this picture up through the locust tree in our front yard just before God did something amazing. We had just finished sewing the uniforms for the children in Kenya and were praying about shipping them. My real desire was to be able to take them and deliver them myself. But I didn’t have the money for that. I remember praying and just sort of thinking out loud to the Lord and saying, “The only way it would ever be possible is if the tickets dropped to $1200.” Guess what, one night I got up around 1:30 a.m. and checked out the ticket prices – they had dropped $800!

So whenever I see this picture looking UP, I think of something coming down and all the wonderful things that happened in the days that followed.

Looking UP makes me think of ticket prices God brought DOWN!
Looking UP makes me think of ticket prices God brought DOWN!

The second picture comes from the second trip to Kenya. We held a VBS with the children at Lifeway Academy and talked about the wise man and the foolish man from Matthew 7. Our craft for the week was a little house, with acrylic gemstones glued on the outside. The day the children took them home we had several heavy rains. The children left for home between two of the storms. As I took a picture of them happily carrying there houses back to their homes, I looked UP to see one of the most wonderful reminders of God’s promises.

Beautiful reminder of God's Promises.
Beautiful reminder of God’s Promises.

Both bring great encouragement as we prepare for trip number three!


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