The last few months have been absolutely full of unexpected craziness (like seven weeks of house repairs). I told someone the other day, “I got back to the States in July, but I still haven’t landed!” I am grateful that we have just a couple more weeks of really big projects and deadlines and then hopefully a little window of rest.

Some exciting news:

• Since returning to the US, God has brought in $1000 toward the property in Kenya!

• The Kenya Ministry DVD’s have been burned and are ready to be shipped! (Please let me know if you would like one!)

• The book “The King’s Daughter: A Story of Redemption”, which I published this spring, is now available for Kindle!

• The Lord has provided some information with regard to an aspect of ministry that I have been praying about for several months. Information that makes it look much less daunting and more probable!

Praise the Lord!

Some things to pray about:

Please continue to pray for the needed funds for the Sangs’ ministry in Kenya. We still need about $2500 for the purchase of the property and an estimated $4000 for the building.

• Please continue praying for the overall ministry there. The ladies have continued sewing. I am hoping to get a video Bible Study and Sewing lesson to them in the next couple of weeks.

Our church will be having its annual ladies’ retreat day on October 20th! Please be praying for the preparations – especially for the preparation of hearts for the Word of God. (Oops didn’t get this sent out in time – it went GREAT! We had 17 ladies from 3 different churches in Montana.)

• Current Projects:

– Please be praying as we start the Green Bean Project up again this fall. Last year we were able to send 2nd grade ABeka text books to a BIMI missionary’s children’s home in Nepal and equal funds to help with needs at the school in Kenya. This year I would like to add a third country. Please check it out here:

Blog series – What the Bible Says about the Fatherless. Due to an amazingly crazy 10 months – I can’t believe it has been that long, but it has – this blog series got put on hold at the end of the Old Testament. To help everyone get back up to speed I will be posting all of the Old Testament blogs to starting October 29th, Lord willing. One week per day. That means you will get 9 weeks of blogs in just 9 nine days (Approximately 45 posts). Once that has been completed, Lord willing, we will start putting up the blogs for the New Testament. Please be praying about this. I believe it is very, very important.

Mordecai Fund – This name might be a bit misleading. While my hope is that we can use it to provide some financial assistance to families who have suddenly lost a parent, my greater burden is for it to be a way to link good, solid churches with these families: Churches that will turn hurting hearts to the Lord and will come alongside of these children as Mordecai came alongside of Esther. This is a burden that has been on my heart for about a year now. I have seen multiple families face this, including the family of my own cousin who passed away unexpectedly this spring.  If you or your church would be interested in getting involved PLEASE contact me. I’m still in the very beginning stages of putting together a plan that would work and I would greatly value your input!

Two books in progress. One will contain all of the Bible lessons from the trip to Kenya, as well as the VBS crafts and hopefully the sewing projects that we used with the ladies, (That may prove to be the difficult part.) and lots of pictures. My desire is that through this book many will get a heart for this ministry. That it will provide material for use in other VBS’s and Ladies’ groups, that other Christians might be encouraged by the lessons taught there and that souls might be saved!
The Second book is related to the “What the Bible Says” blogs mentioned above, so if you want a sneak preview check out the blogs as they come!

For the overall ministry of Forbid Them Not. The last ten months have been exciting, exhausting and stretching. There are some very real needs for wisdom, direction and provision in moving forward to the next step(s).

Thank you for your prayer and support!


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