Well, this is it. The last update before leaving for Kenya!

The Lord has been doing some wonderful things. We have almost all of the kits for the Vacation Bible School assembled and are getting close on the kits for the sewing classes! We have a few areas expense-wise that we are still trusting the Lord to meet and are excited to see how He will do that in the next three days! You can see some of what the Lord has done at this link: www.forbidthemnot.com/kenyakits.htm

Please be praying for both the VBS and the Sewing ministry. We have put a lot into getting ready, but the most important part is the sharing of the gospel and discipleship that will be going on during these times. Pray that hearts will be prepared, souls saved and Christians strengthened!

I received an email from the Sangs this morning with the news that the man who is selling the property needed for the building project was willing to let them put $2500 down, but he wants them to pay the remaining $3500 by June 15th. Please be praying about this need.

We greatly desire your prayers over the next few days as we prepare to leave. Both Laura and I have a lot of details to bring together. Laura has several exams at college Monday and Tuesday.  Please also continue to pray about our appeal to British Airways with regard to getting the missions allotment of luggage.

Below is a brief itinerary of the remainder of the trip so you can know how to be praying. I will try to send updates during the trip, however, last trip I only had internet access once after leaving Nairobi. If you have Facebook (www.facebook.com/forbidthemnot) you can also watch for updates there. Thank you for Praying!

June 7th – Rachel drives to Fargo, ND

June 8th – Rachel and Laura meet and fly out of Chicago

June 9th – Arrive in Nairobi

June 10th Travel to Ngererit

July 2nd – Travel back to Nairobi and fly to Entebbe, Uganda; Travel to Mbarara, Uganda

July 9th – Travel back to Entebbe

July 10th – Fly to London

July 13th – Return to the States

July 14th – Rachel drives from Fargo, ND to Billings, MT

Thank you for praying! Excited to see what God is going to do over the next few weeks!


One thought on “Kenya or Bust!

  1. Well, welcome home, we hope and pray you are rested up from the long flight and travel. So we are waiting for an update on how things went and all the exciting things the LORD did to show himself. What amazing things did you and your teammate do and see there in Kenya and other places and how are the children? How did the ladies Bible classes and sewing classes go? How did the VBS go, were the children receptive and hungry for the LORD’s words? Do you have any pictures? Is this enough questions to get you started? 🙂

    Welcome home and hope to hear an update soon.
    Blessings, The Dirks Family

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