16 Days and Counting! God is working to bring this trip together!

Some praises:

• WE HAVE OUR TICKETS!!! Lord willing we will be meeting in Chicago, June 8th and flying out from there.  We are scheduled to be in Kenya with Paul and Rachel Sang until July 2nd, when we will fly to Uganda to be with James and Anna Huckabee for a week. Then on to London and finally home on July 13th!

• My teammate was given the full 5 weeks off of work!

•We have quite a few of the basic plans for the VBS and Sewing Classes pulled together!

• The Lord has provided housing for the night before my departure and the night of my return!

• The Lord has provided housing for our night in Nairobi!

How to be praying:

• Please pray for hearts to be prepared, souls to be saved and Christians to be strengthened!

• Pray for strength and wisdom as we continue. My teammate is finishing up her semester at college and will be having exams as well as work and preparation for the trip – she has a lot on her plate right now!

• Pray for the gathering of the remainder of the needed items for ALL of the lessons we are preparing and for us to have wisdom in preparing the material. If you would like to get involved you can check out our Kenya Kits page here: www.forbidthemnot.com/kenyakits.htm

• Pray for the remaining travel details to come together as well as the remaining funds that are needed for some of the trip expenses.

• The Sangs have located a property on which to build the home that needs to be built in order for the school to continue operating, please be praying that the Lord will bring in the funds for this. He has brought in about $2000 so far!

• Because of the increased rate of the tickets I will not be flying out of my home town (Nearly $1200 more than expected), instead I will be driving to Fargo, ND and flying from there (Saved almost $600- Praise the Lord for leading us to that ticket!) It is a ten-hour drive. Please be praying for safety. Because I am flying out of Fargo we were not able to get a missions fare under the contract that the Travel Agency has with British Airways. I have sent an appeal, explaining the situation and asked them to consider allowing me to take the amount of luggage permitted for missions travel. Please be praying about this. We have a lot of teaching materials and items for the school that need to go along.

It seems like the prayer list out-weighs the praise list right now, but really we see the Lord doing little things every day in answer to prayer! I look forward to being able to share the full story with you all some day!

Excited about what the Lord is doing!


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