This afternoon as I was out walking, stirring up my neighbors curiosity and working on Swahili, I think I may have finally identified the method to the madness that is the Swahili course! In the process I found one particular phrase very interesting. The phrase was: Watoto wangu wana njaa. My children are hungry. The phrase literally stopped me in my tracks. I had spent a good portion of the day working on the materials that we will use for Vacation Bible School with the children, praying about how to present each lesson and idea – but that one phrase put several things into a different perspective.

Ugali and Vegetables

1. Are the Children Hungry?

Hunger is a problem in many parts of Africa. Recent and continuing drought are causing food shortages and price increases that are hurting many families. While Kenya has not perhaps suffered as much as some of its neighbors they have been hit. Mrs. Sang told me a couple of weeks ago that many were not even planting because the ground was simply too dry. This week the US Famine Warning System put out a statement projecting that poor rains would have a negative effect on areas still recovering from the drought of 2011. But this is not the hunger that came to my mind.

I have been praying that the Lord would prepare the hearts of the children for the lessons that they hear. That they would be ready to receive His Word and that many would get saved. Today as I read that phrase in my Swahili lesson, my prayer changed. I want these children to be hungry for the Word of God, not just open but earnestly seeking and desiring it. Please pray with me that not only the children but the adults that we come in contact with will be hungering to hear the Word of God and eager to accept it!

Lunch Room

2. Are we meeting the Need?

The key to meeting spiritual hunger is serving spiritual food. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.” John 6:35 The work of Jesus Christ is what satisfies, but someone must tell them. We have been blessed with much in this country not just in the material scheme of things, but in the spiritual as well. Some have chosen to squander those blessings at great loss to themselves and others around them. God’s desire is that we share what He has given us with others. That is the point of the Great Commission  – sharing with others the Gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling and teaching those that come to Him for salvation.

This is the goal of the Vacation Bible School for which we are preparing. It appears that we will have a minimum of 195 children in attendance. What an enormous opportunity to share Christ! But we must have willing laborers and those laborers must be sent. Please be praying for more laborers, there is still time to join us and to help out on this trip! Please be praying that God would stir hearts to help support this trip.

Walking to Lunch

3. Are we setting the table?

Throughout Scripture we read of meals and feasts, some of them simple and seemingly unimportant, some of them fraught with purpose and strategy, some of them lavish, some in great banqueting halls others in the field. Each is appropriate to the situation surrounding it. After His resurrection, Jesus prepared a meal for His disciples along the sea, as they approached the shore He called out to them and said, “Come and dine!” He had everything ready and waiting – the table was set.

This is an important part of the Kenya 2012 project. The Lifeway Church and Academy have been providing a table where people can come and dine, but that table is in danger of being removed. Please be praying for the building project. If we are not able to build the Academy will have to close its doors. They started under a tree with a handful of students. God has grown their ministry to nearly 200. It is hard to teach that many under a tree. Please pray that the Lord will raise up workers to help with this project and the funds to complete it in His time.

I am praying that the children in Kenya will be hungry, that God will give us the tools and people to meet the need and that we will be able to continue setting a table. For information on how you can get involved in any aspect of this project please follow the link below or email me at :


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