The last few weeks have been difficult. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail except to say that a very special family member has gone home to be with the Lord. That is a confidence for which I am very grateful. He, in his own way and probably without realizing it, was one of my biggest “cheerleaders”. Swahili and a lot of other things took the back burner while my parents, one of my sisters and her children and I loaded into a van and made the trip back to Ohio for the memorial service. I would ask that you pray for his parents, his wife and their unborn baby girl and for our family as a whole. He is greatly missed.

I did take Units 8-11 with me, but I was only able to read through them a couple of times. Since Unit 11 introduces a new category of vocabulary, I mostly focused on Units 8-10. They are dealing with asking for food and introduce several types of fruit (Matunda). I thought you might enjoy a little fruit game. So, here are four words. See if you can guess which fruit they belong to in the picture below (No Cheating!) :

Chungwa,  Ndizi, Tufaha, Zabibu


3 thoughts on “Swahili Challenge – Matunda

  1. Totally different than studying European languages, where there might be some cognate to help! Would be fun to try, though. Have you ever studied Swahili before?

    1. No, I have never studied it before. I learned a few words while in Kenya the last time. It is not the primary language in the area we are going to be in, but it is one of the two major languages of the country and many speak it. Surprisingly, I found a few cognates at the beginning but they came from having studied Russian! 🙂

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