Into every computer program, especially the cheap ones, most come at least one glitch. Several have come with my Swahili program. For the most part, I’ve been able to work around them, until this week. Usually it just slows the whole computer down drastically. This week as I started Unit 8, which is three times longer than any unit so far, I read the text and then pressed on the audio button. But nothing happened. Hmm. I tried again. Nothing happened. This has happened before and I discovered then that if you go back to Unit 3 and click on it…everything else works. So, I tried that. Nope, didn’t work. Finally, I just quit the application and restarted it. I’m not sure whether that fixed it or if maybe…the speakers were muted!

As I said, this unit is 3 times longer than the others. It also only has one word from all of the other lessons, while the other units built on one another. The audio is also very fast! So, I decided I needed to try a new approach. Friday morning, I had quite a bit of filing and the like to do, so my plan was to print out the text for the lesson and just  listen to the audio over and over while I worked. But the program didn’t want to print. It took an hour (and multiple tries) to print those three pages, and by then the day was getting away from me and I never got back to it. So, this has been a week of technical difficulties for the Swahili Challenge.

On a brighter note, I sent a letter to Kenya on Friday night so that we can begin planning in more detail the trip that lies ahead. As I was writing the email and considering all of the details that need to come together, it was tempting to get overwhelmed at the impossibility of it all. But then I remembered that before the last trip it was completely impossible until 3 weeks before I left. Then all of the details and financing and plans fell together perfectly. Nothing is impossible for our Lord!

Today, a letter came to the church. In it was a very unexpected “start” toward the trip to Kenya! God is so good. He is faithful. Even in the midst of technical difficulties – HE is still working!!!


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