Thank you all for praying for our time at the Montana Women’s Prison! We certainly needed the prayer and God faithfully answered. Smudging and drumming ceremonies had been held in the chapel just two hours before we arrived Friday night, the smell of burnt sweet grass was almost overpowering. Like I said, Satan as a foothold in this place.

The Lord was clearly working in the hearts of several of the women. One was saved and several came for counsel! The Gospel was presented very clearly many times! Pray that these ladies will desire to grow in the Lord and will get involved in the Biblical Solutions classes on Mondays. Please be praying that those who have not yet responded to the gospel will come to Christ for salvation.

I posted the following about a woman I met at MWP to the Forbid Them Not Facebook page yesterday. Some of you may have already seen it, but I want to share it here for the many who did not:

“…She grew up without a dad, got mixed up with the wrong people and married a man who was drunk when he said “I do”. She got further and further involved in sin until at last she ended up in prison. Now her two sons have no mommy at home. To top it off, her husband is headed to federal prison. So unless she gets out on parole this week, her boys will have neither parent at home, repeating the cycle and putting it in motion for the third generation as well…What if instead of her getting involved with the wrong people, a church had gotten involved with her and cared for her after the example of Job or Mordecai?”

Statistically speaking, children from fatherless homes are 20 times more likely to end up in prison. That may not move you, but it does me. What if your children were suddenly without father, mother or both? Is your church equipped to meet the needs they would face, not just over the first few days and months, but over the years that follow?

What of single-parent children that are already in your church? Is anyone taking the example of Job or Mordecai and seeking to walk alongside of these children and to “bring them up as a father”? (Job 31:18)

You may feel that since they are in the church they don’t need this kind of investment. They will hear the gospel, get saved and be fine. Consider this, the mother of the woman mentioned above was the secretary of a Baptist church. Everyone assumed this girl understood – but she did not. It wasn’t until her SECOND incarceration that someone finally cared enough to explain the gospel to her in a way that she truly understood.

Job said his arm should be broken from the bone if he didn’t care for the fatherless – how serious are we?


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