Today was encouraging. I think it’s been a month since I really got to sit and work on Swahili, so I was a little concerned that I might have forgotten everything. But to my surprise I remembered it all! Praise the Lord and thank you all for praying that it would stick!!! It is sticking! Hurray!

I also discovered that Unit 6 wasn’t as overwhelming as it appeared to be so tight on the heels of Units 4 and 5 a month ago. I got through it quickly and had no problem with Unit 7, which was a very short test. God is good!

So, why is this entitled “News from Afar”? Well, because I recently got a letter from Kenya with pictures of the additions that they just put up on the property there. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to share them with you! The people of the community helped them to build! That is good! I can’t explain in detail what things are because I don’t know exactly what is being used for what yet, but I can tell you that all of the rooms that are sided with sheet metal rather than brick or wood are the new additions. In all they added 2 new classrooms, a dining room and a sewing room!

The main portion of the school. When I was there the wooden structure to the left and the brick structure to the right was all that was there. I can't tell from any of the pictures whether the second grade classroom (which was a tiny structure all by itself) is still there or not.
This brick structure is the home of the lady who has been allowing them to use the property. You can see why they will have to close the school if they cannot find a new home for her soon. It is central to everything.
I think this is a back entrance to the long addition. I'm guessing this is where they have put the dining room, which was so desperately needed.
Their playground equipment. It gets a LOT of use!
And finally, my favorite picture! This is Mema Sang! My little friend and the best language teacher in all of Ngererit!

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