Learning a new language is full of “Oooopses”. I once told someone I had brought her the town of Kubinka rather than telling her that I had brought her a quart of strawberries. I also told her that I brought her a bag of plates instead of a bag of rags, simply because the words were similar! A friend of mine misunderstood a question and told someone that her mother had 47 children! She thought the woman had asked how old her mother was. Another friend, walking around her ESL classroom looking for a trash can, kept saying, “Where’s my husband? Where’s my husband?” She wasn’t even married at the time not to mention the fact that she was associating the poor hypothetical man with a trash can!

Learning a language requires a certain amount of willingness to be vulnerable. It certainly takes us out of our comfort zone. Just getting up the nerve to make the letter sounds come out right takes a lot of courage. But in the end it’s worth it. Just like stepping out of our comfort zone to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to others is definitely worth it!

Today, I gave myself my first “test”. Nothing too hard, but it was revealing. My test was to try to remember the conversation from Unit 1 without looking. The good news is that the phrases that I remembered, I remembered correctly. The bad news is, I left out a few important things. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at what I got right. I think I might be ready to go on to the next unit by the end of the week! Praise the Lord! Exciting! Hoping and praying that the next one goes a little more quickly!

Thanks for praying!


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