So, after completing the fifteen page introduction to the Swahili course I am – as the title suggests – cross-eyed but happy. I don’t have a lot to report except that tonight my dreams will probably be full of words and phrases like: “affrication” or “voiced labio-dental fricatives” or “apico-alveolar flap”. Sigh. I’m glad that’s not the language I’m learning right now!

Knowing that finishing the lesson out on notes such as those would not be great incentive to sit back down to the work tomorrow, I took a peek at the dialog in Unit 1. No surprise, it consists of a few common greetings. The happy surprise was that as I read through the greetings, some of them were familiar, words that I had heard over and over again while in Kenya. And with those familiar words came to my mind many happy, familiar, smiling Kenyan faces. Here are some of them:

Girls from the Lifeway Academy


2 thoughts on “Swahili Challenge – Cross-eyed But Happy

  1. Glad you are taking the challenge but WHAT a challenge. It will be worth it! Praying you’ll get it down so you CAN use it the next time you go to Kenya and other countries where they use Swahili. Love you!

    1. It is a huge challenge, but I think it is really important. Although there were a lot of people in the area that spoke English, there were even more that did not. Many of them tried to speak with me in Swahili and I wanted so badly to be able to communicate. It will open more doors. The local language is actually Kolinchin (Sp?), but you can’t find too many courses in that! šŸ™‚

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