Some of you may already be a aware of the some of the new things that are happening on the internet side of FTN, but just in case, I thought I would share what’s is going on. While I was in St. Louis, the pastor there repeatedly told me that people need to know more about what the needs are, how to be praying, and what God says about the fatherless. So, as I have been prayerfully working on meeting this need the Lord has led to set up a discussion forum on the FTN website. Actually, the forum has been there for a long time, it just hasn’t been active.

So, this week was Week One of posts to the forum. The topics have all fallen under one heading, “Lessons from the Law”, and have focused on what the first five books of the Bible say about the fatherless.  This is an important category because it really sets the foundation for all that will follow. The sub-topics for the week have been: 1. The Initial Command, 2. The Basis of the Command, 3. The Purpose of the Command, 4. God’s Plan of Provision and 5. Promises.

I hope you will stop by the site, take time to read through the short thoughts on each subject and join in the conversation!

Next week we begin looking at the book of Job! Did you know that the book of Job actually has a lot to say about this?! It does!

Below is the the link to the forum page. It will open up at the main forum page, the discussion posts are under the category “What the Bible Says”. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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