Part IX – Conclusion

Who is the King’s Daughter Really?
She is that one who was in such a miserable state, abandoned in a field in her own blood, unwashed and unloved, who was redeemed by the blood of Christ and made beautiful because His righteousness was put upon her.

Will it Always be this Way?
The choice is up to her. Her position is secure, but what about her fellowship? Will she remember what He has done for her, or will she sell herself to causes less worthy and idols of her own making? Will their fellowship be sweet, or will He have to draw a straying child back to Himself through chastening? The choice is hers.

Will they Live Happily Ever After?
His covenant never fails. His promises are sure. Her position is secure by birth, by adoption and by redemption. The joy and glory of their meeting at the judgment depends much on how she chooses to live. Will there be sorrow in their meeting, or will she simply take another step with Him to find that she has, at last, come physically into His presence? I want a ‘happily ever after’ ending how about you?

Where are You Right Now?
Maybe you are still there in the field, naked, abandoned and left to die. Maybe you have never believed on the Lord and His work on Calvary as the complete payment for the penalty of your sins. Maybe you have never called upon Him for salvation. Or maybe you are just not certain. Don’t let another day pass, call upon Him for salvation, make today your Coronation Day.

Maybe you have been saved and are rejoicing in what God has done and are enjoying sweet fellowship with Him. Don’t let it pass by. Commit today to always keep in the forefront of  your mind what He has done for you and purpose to walk in His ways and in His presence.

Maybe you have wandered away. Maybe you have put other things before God. Maybe you see yourself losing your children because of the focus that you have had on other things. Maybe you have lost the sweetness of fellowship that you once had with God. Don’t wait for His chastisement, or if it has already come, make today the day of restoration.

What a privilege to be among the King’s Daughters. Thank you for your patience as this series has drug out much longer than I expected. I hope that it has been as much of a blessing to those who have read it as it has been for me to write it.


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