Sunday night’s meeting at Riverside Baptist Church was good. One of the most precious things was the response of several of the children as they stood around my display board. One boy, a young teen, was standing there and suddenly said, “Oh…oh…oh.” When I asked him what he had discovered he said, “So, you are a missionary who helps orphans and tells them about God?” I answered that I was, and that’s when he surprised me. He said, “Sometimes I feel like an orphan.” I asked him why he felt that way, and he proceeded to tell me a little about his life as a foster child. Then a girl who was standing next to me told me that she was adopted and told me about her birth parents and of some of the things that she had faced in her relationship with them. They were so sincere and open as we spoke. What a blessing it was to know that there were some families in this church that had reached out to the fatherless of our own country.

Car update: We have reached a deciding point. Sunday night and Monday morning, I prayed that the Lord would “guide us with His eye” (Psalm 32:8) as we looked at the car Monday morning and made the decision whether or not to buy or rebuild.
It is in moments like those that followed that we are reminded that God truly has a sense of humor! All we had to do was see the car to know what decision to make. It was rather “worn”. So, the mechanic has set to work rebuilding the
original engine and we have set about waiting. But it is good to know that we at last have a definite direction.

Another huge blessing was that when we returned the second motor they refunded us completely and did not even charge the 25% restocking fee!

Thank you all for praying. God is working!


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