March 28, 2011

God is Good. The past month and a half has been very busy. At times it seemed like nothing was getting accomplished and that the wheels were just spinning. But now as I look back, as always, I can see His hand.

Children of Prisoners
Please continue to pray for the Lord’s will in this matter. Our pastor has been preaching a serious on various commands of Christ. Last Sunday, the 20th, he preached on the command to bring in the poor and the handicapped. We felt that this was the appropriate time to present this ministry to our church. Our people seemed to be very receptive. We had some who were moved, and one who wanted to get involved but cannot.
The following day we received word that the Chaplain at the prison has resigned. This could have an enormous impact, not only on the COP ministry, but on our entire prison ministry! PLEASE, be praying that the Lord will raise up a SAVED, godly person to fill this position.
Yesterday, I was approached by a lady who has just started attending the church who would like to get involved.I also received word that the Chaplain will still be involved in “re-entry” programs and is hoping that we can still get the COP ministry up and going. The Lord is still working, we just need to be aware of each step that He wants us to take.

South Asia
There is still a need for workers! Teachers specifically. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please, have them contact me for further information. Please also be praying for the church there. In this country, there is a lot of demonic influence, which this family faces on a regular basis. Pray for wisdom for these missionaries as they deal with these things.

Central Asia
There is a need for summer camp workers. Their staff will be low and they have not had anyone contact them about coming. If you know of anyone who would be interested in going for the summer or even for a month, please let me know.

Please continue to pray for the Sangs, for the children at the academy and all of the other men, women and children with whom they are working daily. I spoke with them last week and they now have 150 children in their academy! Praise the Lord! This means there is going to be an even greater need to build new schoolrooms. Please, be praying that the Lord will raise up a group that could go later this year to help with this and for the provisions of the finances and materials needed.
I have finally completed the Sang’s DVD’s and sent them out to their supporting churches and a few others. If you would like a copy please let me know. We have been trying to update their website, but I have not been able to get in touch with the webmaster. Please, be praying about that.

Adopt An Orphanage
This is something new that I would ask you to pray about. I was contacted on Friday by a church’s ladies group that wants to adopt a good, doctrinally sound orphanage. As we have talked back and forth via email I have been impressed with the blessing that this could be to all of the above ministries as well as to the churches that get involved. Our church was so excited and so blessed to share in the Sang’s ministry this Christmas. I would like to see that multiplied. It will take some careful thought and planning to put it together, but it would be a simple way to get involved!

Forbid Them Not
Please, be praying for this ministry. If it is the Lord’s will, I would like to be able to be a part of the summer camps in Central Asia. It has been nearly three years since I was last there. I speak the language (Russian), and know that this would be helpful to them while their regular staff is away. I also would like to head back to Kenya in the fall for at least a month to continue what was started in November. Please, pray that the Lord will give me wisdom. I have more open doors and possibilities in front of me right now ministry-wise than I can even fathom. What better opportunity for the Lord to show just how mighty He is! Please, be praying with me!


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