I would like to take the opportunity to give you a report on the revival at the Montana Women’s Prison this past weekend. Thank you for praying!

We had between 12-20 women in attendance. On Friday night, one young lady was, as she put it, “re born again over”! Praise the Lord! Even if she didn’t know how to phrase it, she knew what had happened! She had become a child of the King! She was such a blessing the rest of the weekend. The teaching on Holiness on Saturday went very well. The women were attentive and participated. Saturday night, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to talk with a woman who was already saved, but knew she wasn’t living for the Lord. She made a commitment that night to live for Him! The next morning when she came to the first session her face was so bright, she looked like a totally different person! Sunday also went very well! We had our final class from 8-10am, but weren’t able to get checked out and up to the church until nearly 10:30. Pastor was still sick. But God turned all of this into a huge blessing. The men in the church stepped up and filled in the gaps! What a blessing it was to see my brother-in-law not only take the adult Sunday School class, but also fill in at the last minute for the evening service, which is something he has never done before. In the afternoon we had the “Sunday Service” at the prison. At the end of this service an older woman, who had been rather defensive and argumentative throughout the message, asked the Lord to save her! I know there were others who also made decisions, though I am not sure what those decisions were. One of the ladies that came to the revival was able to get into the weekly Bible study on Monday. Please be praying that others will get on the movement sheet for next week, especially the three ladies that I have mentioned above.

As I was watching these women, I thought of their children. Someone asked how many of them had children, nearly every hand went up. Many of them were probably single moms before they went to prison. What happens to those children while their mama is in prison? Who will tell these children about Christ? Who will help those Mama’s that get saved while they are in prison go home and teach their children about Christ? What kind of church will take them in? Or will they just get swept up into some Godless, governmental program?

Questions like these haunt me. Most of the prayer requests that I usually post are for others or for ministry projects. I don’t very often ask for prayer for myself. But today, I am asking you to pray for 3 things that are on my heart:

1. Pray for the salvation of the fatherless, the motherless – the orphans.
2. Pray that God will open the eyes and burden the hearts of Independent Baptists to reach them for Christ. This is not a part of the Social Gospel Movement, and therefore neglectable. No, this is about reaching a people group of 143,000,000 for Christ. It is a Biblical command.
3. There are some very specific needs in this ministry right now, please be praying for wisdom, provision, guidance and laborers – the laborers of God’s choosing.

God is so good! We do not deserve the privilege of serving Him and seeing Him work. What a blessing!
Hope you’re staying warm, wherever you are!


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