The old church at Giltedge, MT.

Last week I was blessed to have a small part in the Central Montana Revival of Hope. If you receive the FTN updates you already know that the CMRH is an outreach of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lewistown, MT and Baptist Circuit Riding Mission. Missionaries and Evangelists from around the country met in Lewistown for a tent revival and outreach into the surrounding communities. (If you don’t get the updates and would like to, just let me know and I will add your name to the list!)

Pastor Snyder, Brother Bush, Samuel Snyder and Brother Giffin at the Friday Morning Meeting.

Each morning we met at the tent for breakfast, followed by a planning and testimony time, as well as preaching and singing. This was followed by lunch and then we broke up into teams for the rest of the day. Three teams were sent into surrounding communities to go door knocking. By week’s end these teams had gone door to door in 12 towns! Bro. Dodson (BCRM and Frontier Ministries) told of one man who said, “I have lived here for 40 years and you are the first one to knock on my door.” There were many other good contacts made, people who were interested in hearing more about Christ or who are looking for a church. Two other teams were sent to the towns for Harlowton (57 miles away) and Grass Range (30 miles) where we had other tents set up for VBS and evening Revival meetings. I was part of the Harlowton team.

Harlowton Vacation Bible School

We started the week out with 4 children, by the end of the week we had 8! Each day we started out with a singing time, followed by Scripture memory, more singing and then an evangelistic message by Bro. Paul Dodson. When time allowed, we finished the day off with a fun game! The children were very attentive and interactive which is always a great blessing! What a joy to have three of them call on the Lord for salvation!

After Vacation Bible School, we took about a one hour break to prepare supper and then invited people from around town to join us for supper under the tent followed by a service. Various men preached throughout the week, one of which is praying about possibly coming back to pastor the group that has already been holding meetings in Harlowton once a week! On the last night, a man named Corky, whom we had been praying for all week, was saved! Praise the Lord!

All told, by week’s end, we saw 2 saved in Grass Range, 1 in Lewistown and 4 in Harlowton! Many, including myself, were encouraged by the services. Many good contacts were made for the church to follow up on. Please keep praying for Central Montana, God is already doing a great work! I am so blessed to have had a small part in it. It was a truly blessed and amazing week. Not only was it wonderful to be about the Lord’s business, but also to have such sweet fellowship around the Word of God and with His people.

Lydia in the Big Foot race!

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