One step at a time we are moving closer to our goal! Last week was very busy, and this next week promises to be equally as busy, but it is exciting to see how God is using the “Job 31 Project” in so many ways.  Monday night we had a great time of fellowship as four of us got together at Grace Baptist here in Billings and worked for about 2 1/2 hours. Not only were we able to get quite a bit of sewing done in those two hours, but we were also able to get everything organized for our sewing day in Great Falls. Thank you Jessica, Jennifer, and Mrs. Miller!

Tuesday, I left for Great Falls straight from work and arrived around 9:00pm. I am so grateful to Faith Dea for opening up her home! It was such a wonderful time of fellowship!

Next morning we were off and running. I got to the church a little after 9:30 and began setting up, the others trickled in and by 10:30 we were well under way. It was an extra special blessing to have some of the younger girls of the church join us this time. Emma (11), helped cut all the pieces of elastic for the girls’ waistbands, Courtney (11) helped thread elastic through the boys’ waistbands and watched the babies that were there and Teressa (16) helped with ironing in the the labels! It was a special blessing to have each of them there.

Another blessing was seeing the affect that the project has on those working on it. Putting your time and energy into something always makes it more valuable. Putting the name of an individual child and the responsibility of making his/her clothing into someone’s hands makes the pictures in missionary video presentations a little more real. It is almost as if, for just a moment, you bring Africa to the activity room of a church in Montana where the need is then personally seen and felt.

By the time the day was done we had threaded elastic through several of the boys waistbands as well as finishing quite a few hems and getting the inseams and side seams in several more pair of the boys uniform bottoms. We also were able to get 40 skirts cut out and the side seams stitched up in 21 of them!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped! Mrs. Hernandez, Faith Dea, Naomi Nelson, Katherine Dion, Courtney, Emma and Teressa!

We had a great evening service with a very challenging message and a great time of prayer following.

As I was driving back into Billings Thursday morning, I got word that one of the little boys on my nephew’s baseball team was killed in a car accident. Please be in prayer for the Keller family and for all of the boys on this team. Also especially be in prayer for my brother-in-law. He is the head coach for the team and the boy’s father is the assistant coach. Please pray that Casey might have an opportunity to witness to this man and his family.

The week that lies ahead promises to be just as busy as the last! Monday will be a catch-up day for me and then we will gather at the church again for a couple of hours in the evening for some more sewing. Hopefully, I will be able to spend most of Wednesday and Thursday working on this and other projects as well. Saturday, I will be going to Lewistown, MT for a sewing day. Please be praying for travel safety as I go, and that the Lord would bless the work of our hands.

Please continue to keep this project in prayer. Please be praying that the Lord will provide either the tops for the uniforms or the funds for the Sang’s to purchase the uniform tops in Kenya. We also still need socks and shoes. God is the Father of the fatherless, I believe He will provide for them!


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