Mrs. Withrow and Connie threading "The Bullet"

Into every sewing project a little sewing machine trouble must come – at least a little. Today was our day. But we still had a great day working on the uniforms for the children. We were able to work out a lot of the kinks, or should I say “iron out a lot of the wrinkles”, in the process of putting the boys’ uniforms together. Thanks to everyone who helped and to Connie for providing a wonderful lunch!

We also had a wonderful time of fellowship and were blessed with the opportunity, not only to help provide for the children, but also to pray for them as we worked on their clothes. Praying that the Lord will bring them to salvation and raise them up to be mighty men of God: pastors, missionaries, teachers and preachers, deacons and laymen, godly husbands and fathers.

Jessica putting the seam ripper to use - perhaps the most important tool in sewing!

Please, keep praying with us!

Bible Trivia: When Job was discussing his responsibility to clothe the poor and the fatherless what did he say should be used to “warm” them?


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