Saturday was our second “Singled Out” event. We held a Children’s Clothing Exchange for single moms at the church. We had about 4 households represented by those that came. Each went away with the gospel, a John and Romans, and a Bible Study Challenge. Please be praying for these ladies and their children. I hope to follow up with them this week, even if it is just to drop them a little “thank your for coming” note, until some of the other chaos calms down. I am so grateful to everyone who helped, set up and interact with the ladies and their children and then clean things up. I didn’t get many pictures of the actual participants, but below are a few from the day.

Each lady took home a John and Romans and was challenged to complete a short Bible Study Course with us.
American Medical Response conducted a Yellowstone County Safe Kids Car Seat inspection at the same time. It was a blessing to those who attended the Exchange as well as to people who just stopped in.
The Lord has provided many items for the ladies to choose from. Truly He does provide for the fatherless.

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