The fabric for the uniform bottoms arrived the first week of May. A local dry cleaner had offered to do the laundering and pressing for us, but when they saw how much fabric there was, and how wide it was, they realized that they did not have the equipment to handle it. After calling around town we realized that the best plan was for us to do it ourselves. So we devised a plan…

Rachel cutting fabric for laundering and pressing.

First we had to figure how much fabric was needed for each child’s uniforms, then we cut the fabric into pieces for each child. I am very grateful to my pastor, not only for his help in setting up these tables to do the cutting, but also for taking the time to help cut!

Once the fabric was cut, we pressed on an applique label with the child’s name and an item number, and then bagged and labeled it. From there the pieces were taken and washed and pressed by individuals in the church. Thank you everyone!

The next step is to prepare the patterns…

If we had to buy a pattern for each different set of sizes and lengths that we are going to make we would need to buy about 18 patterns, which would cost us about $190. Instead for $30 we are able to trace the patterns on pattern paper, and at the same time make adjustments to the patterns that will make for easier sewing!

Thank you to my three J’s for all your help: Jess, Jennifer and Jessica!

Jennifer and Jessica tracing patterns.

Please be praying for the next step – sewing!

I will be finishing up as many patterns as possible tomorrow (May 17th), cutting pieces of elastic and getting sewing and cutting instructions together. Tuesday, I will be working and then, Lord willing, I will be headed to Great Falls on Wednesday to work with the ladies from Fairview Baptist Church.

Please continue to pray that the Lord would provide for the rest of the uniforms. This missionary family is seeking to reach these children for Christ and to instruct them in righteousness, but they must also provide for their material needs. The uniforms are not outrageously priced, $10 provides a shirt and sweater, another $8-10 provides shoes. $20 per child – not bad, but imagine if you had 66 children to buy them for! Many of these children have never even owned a pair of shoes and have only the clothes on their back. I would like to see each of them have at least 2 sets of uniforms. That would bring the expenses to somewhere between $2500-$3000

To me this sounds like a huge amount. Honestly, it is more than 21 times my monthly support – but I believe that God can provide. And I believe that He would like to use His people to do so. If you would like to be involved please email or call me at 406-661-9366. You can also be in touch with the Sang’s sending agency, Macedonia World Baptist Mission.


One thought on “Job 31 Project – Update May 16, 2010

  1. Hello Janifer and Jessica,
    Thank you so much Janefer and Jesica for your willingness to help these kids.
    Pray that God may touch their hearts as they learn His word.
    Paul and Racho

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